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Direct Digital Access

Student Information

If you are enrolled in BTC: 103 or CPT: 103, we have some exciting news for you.

BTC/CPT 103 courses are DDA, Direct Digital Access courses. DDA allows for day one access to e-content and lasts ONE semester. This e-content will be your required course materials.

Your e-content is accessed directly through the college’s LMS, Learning Management System known as CANVAS. For this service, the cost for content will be charged directly to your student account during the second week of class. The actual date for when charges will be applied to your student account will be announced on CANVAS and via SCC Connection.

We are excited to bring you this news! You will have everything you need to be successful beginning day one and we are lowering the cost for course materials too! All without a trip to the bookstore.

Student Success, Lower Cost and Convenience!

For more information about this program including the OPT- OUT process, student success starting on day one, the cost for this service and the convenience being provided, please see the Direct Digital Access FAQ page.