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Textbook Rental Returns

Fall 2019 Textbook Rental Return Due Date 12/14/2019

  • Rental Books that were rented during the Fall 2019 semester are due back to the Cafe/Bookstore by 12:00 p.m. on 12/14/2019.

  • Securing Credit cards or student accounts will be charged beginning 12/16/19 through 12/18/19 for non-returned rental textbooks

Fall 2019 Textbook Rental Returns

For textbooks that were rented during the FA/19 term from the SCC Bookstore, the return due date is 12/14/2019.  For those textbooks that are not returned by the due date, starting 12/16/2019, the bookstore will process non-returned rental charges to the associated secured credit card.  Also, related to non-returned textbook rentals, for any secured credit card transactions that does not process properly, charges for these non-returned rental textbooks will be posted to the student’s account appropriately.  If you have any questions, please contact the bookstore at 636.922.8583. 

Rental Textbook Q & A

Q: Are all textbooks available for rental?

A: Not all, but we try to make available as many as possible. A rental price will be listed if the title is a rental option.

Q: What % will I save by renting my books?

A: There is no set % off for rental books. The price is determined based on the projected value of the book when the rental period is over. Since this is different for all books, the rental savings will vary.

Q: What is better: renting, or purchasing and then selling back at the end of the semester?

A: Both are good options, it just depends on what’s best for you. One question to ask yourself is if you will need this book for multiple semesters. If yes, you will most likely want to purchase the book instead of having to rent the book multiple times.

Q: Do I get money back at the end of the semester?

A: No, you receive those saving at the beginning of the semester by paying less now for the rental price.

Q: How do I rent textbooks?

A: If checking out in our store- Simply bring your books to a cashier and they will ask if you would like to purchase or rent each title that is available as a rental. A credit card is needed to secure the rental in case the title is not returned by the designated return date. A rental agreement will need to be signed at the end of the transaction.

If checking out at our website- Just click on the rental option for each book. A credit card is needed to secure the rental in case the title is not returned by the designated return date. A rental agreement will need to be acknowledged by clicking a box before the transaction can be completed.

Q: When is my rental due back?

A: The rental agreement signed upon check out will list the return date for each rental title. This date is typically at the end of the semester the book is being used for. A good way to remember is that when you are taking your finals, your rentals will be due by the end of that week.

Q: Can I return my rental before the due date?

A: Yes, a rental may be returned anytime before the due date listed on the rental agreement.

Q: Can someone else return my rental for me?

A: Yes, just have the person let us know who the rental is for as well as your student ID number so we can make sure it is logged as being returned for the correct person.

Q: What if I don’t remember if I rented a textbook or not?

A: Rental reminders that list the books you rented will be emailed out at the end of the rental period. These reminders will go to the email address you listed when first renting the book.

Q: Can I purchase a book that I originally rented?

A: Yes, If you want to keep the rental book at the end of the semester you can pay the difference of the purchase price minus the rental price you already paid. 


Refund Deadlines

Deadline for Fall/16 Sept 6th, 2016


December 20th, 2016

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