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Spring 2019 Student Financial Assistance Dates 

  • Main Semester:  1/16/19 to 2/02/19

Please Note...

For Early Start COL:101, Late Start, Scholarships, VA, Vocational Rehabilitation or other state funding will require a book voucher that must be picked up from the Enrollment Services Office.

Café/Bookstore - Spring 2019 Buy-Back Dates

To be determined at a later date.

Fall 2018 Textbook Rental Returns 

For textbooks that were rented during the FA/18 term from the SCC Bookstore, the return due date was 12/18/2018.  For those textbooks that were not returned by the due date, starting today 1/4/2019, the bookstore will process non-returned rental charges to the associated secured credit card.  Also, related to non-returned textbook rentals, for any secured credit card transactions that does not process properly, charges for these non-returned rental textbooks will be posted to the student’s account appropriately.  If you have any questions, please contact the bookstore at 636.922.8583.  

Spring 2019 Textbook Rental Return Due Date, 5/24/2019

  • Rental Books that were rented during the Spring 2019 semester are due back to the Café/Bookstore by 5/24/2019 by 4:30pm,
  • Securing credit cards or student accounts will be charged beginning 5/27/19 through 5/30/19 for non-returned rental textbooks.